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How I Lost 60 Pounds and 13 Inches around the Waist

With this page, I would like to support all those who no longer want to wear their extra pounds and are afraid that they cannot do it, who have low self-esteem or have already tried hundreds of other weight loss methods, but still haven’t reached their dreamed figure.

Everyone can handle it without age difference!

When I looked like …

I was round, obese and overweight all my life. All my life, I chose clothes in which my butt looked smaller. My belly was really bellying out of my T-shirt and it came up to 236 pounds.

Maybe my biggest moment came when I realized that, although I was not that old, I was losing my breath walking up stairs, like an old man, I was always sweating, I smelled, I was confined in many activities, almost every meal made me bloated and I was blimped out after every lunch until evening.

The breakthrough came when my girlfriend told me that I should do something with myself and when I almost started crying in the store because there was no size for me.

I decided that I will crack that and I will change my life for the better, I will get rid of everything that annoys me and start doing something with myself! As the beginning of my weight loss, I gave myself the date June 1, 2012 and my goal was to lose weight to 186 pounds by June 30, 2013 and keep it.

  1. I thought that when I add a couple of tomatoes to my lunch, I eat healthy
  2. I tried to skip side dish, not to eat bread, not to eat late in the evening
  3. I had enough physical activity, but I was still overweight
  4. I had a feeling that I did not eat anything, but still gain

I thought I was eating healthy, but I was doing a number of mistakes:

Here are some points that have made me know that I was not losing, but even gaining.

I was hungry

I thought that when I cut my food and eat less, I would lose weight. That’s why I ate a little food, and in the evening I was hungry.

Besides I felt still tired and without energy. Instead of feeling smaller with my pounds going down, my weight remained untouched, and it just depressed me. Today I know it was a fundamental mistake.

I ate a fruit as a snack

Everywhere it is recommended to eat fruit snacks during weight loss. And so I ate fruits. Banana, apple, pear … and I thought how healthy it was. Unfortunately, such snacks were not enough for me. And it is no miracle.

When I started to try other methods, I found that the fruit snack was a complete stupidity. It’s very little energy, sugar and some fiber. After such a combination you will get hungry soon and the body will not feel saturated at all and will be rather malnourished.

I ate mainly vegetables

I thought (as they recommend everywhere) that I should not eat side dishes. Always to have only meat and vegetables for lunch, just vegetables for dinner. No attachments, no bread. And so I tried and the weight did not go down. Which made me quite surprised when it allegedly works best. On the contrary, I had the feeling that I was even bigger and my weight grew more and more. And that was a fundamental mistake.

All the above-mentioned things and many others were totally wrong, and the weight stood for me, even though I tried

What I started to do differently and what worked?

I lost 60 pounds a year, 13 inches around the waist and decreased the size of the clothes by 3 numbers from XL to M.

What I started to do differently?

  1. I stopped following principles that fill the Internet and that should work (unfortunately, they do not)
  2. I stopped starving and eating only fruits and vegetables
  3. I started to avoid sugar in any form
  4. I started to make my own meals and invent my balanced recipes (which you can found in my books)
  5. I ceased to believe the nonsense that one should eat only a salad for dinner and meat without bread for lunch
  6. I believe that anyone, regardless the age, can lose weight
  7. I forgot all my diet experiments that made me took the weight back again
  8. I eat breadstuff, I eat side orders, I also make an occasional misdemeanour
  9. I keep weight without fluctuations and yo-yo effects
  10. I drink coffee that keeps my metabolism running
  11. I try to choose vegetables and fruits that do not cause weight gain and are easily digestible
  12. After meals, I’m not bloated, tired and I have much more energy than ever before

Effect on my figure

I had to buy new clothes. But that was a great feeling! Last summer I enjoyed my time by the water and finally I was not ashamed in a bathing suit.

I have stopped sweating, I no longer lose breath going up stairs, my digestion has improved.

I’ve changed all my life.

And now I’m glad I can help others to fulfill their dream …

All of my practice, advice, diet, recipes and all the essentials can be found in my ebook.

I wrote the ebook according to my own experience because I was looking for recommendations how to start, but comprehensive instructions were nowhere to find

  • the principles outlined in the book, tutorials and advice are very simple and everyone will understand; in the book, there is nothing extra complicated regarding preparation or adherence
  • you can start right now and the results can come in a few days or weeks – according to my experience you will see the first changes in the figure and the feelings after a few days
  • all the recipes use commonly available foods, so you do not have to look for complicated and foreign food and spend high amounts – it is not necessary
  • it does not matter how old you are, whether you are a man, or a woman, even people with thyroid problems or a lady over 70 years – they all started and had visible results
  • will this work for you when everyone is different? Yes! Everyone is a bit different and we tolerate other types of food, but the principle is the same for everybody

Start losing weight with me and my easy instructions and you will not be roly-poly this summer.

Even for those who do not have time, who have a hard work and still want to lose weight.

150 other recipes I’ve put together during weight losing and maintaining can be found in my 2 other books. There are recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunches, dinners, healthy delicacies, Christmas cookies, food for celebrations. All recipes use commonly available foods and most of them can be prepared within 30 minutes.

You do not have to split cooking for you and for the rest of the family. I have tried my recipes for both friends and family, and women, men and even children love them. They are also suitable for those who do not want to lose weight, but want to eat healthy and keep weight.

Start losing weight with me and my easy instructions NOW