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How I Become Online Business Millionaire and How You Can Too!

If you want to find the quick earnings advice right now in this article, you’ll never get anywhere. If you want to get somewhere, read the article to the end. Only then it does make sense.

Greetings, my friends, my name is Tomas, but everyone calls me Tom.

Some 15 years ago, I was attending school. I had different part-time jobs. In the warehouse where I pressed the garbage, at the construction site and also in the bakery where I baked bread overnight. It all was a very good experience. But the best part was that I realized I didn’t want to live like this in my life. To work on the night shifts. To hardly have any money. To work hard all my life and maybe once a year to take 2 weeks of work break. Is this life? Or do I want more from it?

Today, 15 years later, I’m not a baker. I do business online. During the last 5 years, I have built a huge online business and sold 750,000 printed books. With no preceding experience with books. Without an email database. Without contacts to help me!

How did I get all of this?

To be paid for spending time sucks!

Back in the bakery, I realized that I had no free time at all. Either I was at work, on my way to work, or I slept tired after work, or I was preparing myself to go to work, driving to work and being at work… I just lived at work! And for all of that, I had ridiculous money! And especially when I by chance wasn’t working, I didn’t even have any money.

So I started looking for ways to earn differently. I started reading articles about online business and I was especially interested in articles on passive income. You’ve for sure also read or heard about the book by Robert Kyiosaki – Poor Dad Rich Dad or about Think Your Way to Wealth by Napoleon Hill. I’m not saying these books changed my life, but they gave me something. Mainly they showed me that it is possible to earn even when you are not doing anything and when you are on vacation. That’s what had stuck in my head. Do your hard work! But then relax while still earning! And get paid for it generously. Yeah, I want it!!! That was when I decided. I want to live differently, I want to earn differently, I want to have more time for myself because this is life! It is short and we have little time to decide how we want to live it.

I tried everything possible!!!

Multilevel marketing, working for the insurance company, working on the radio, I did websites, affiliate marketing, counselling for people without work…

Yeah, it was a lot. And everything gave me something. But it wasn’t the right thing. I had the best revenue in multilevel marketing and affiliate marketing. Want to know how much? I’ll just tell you. I always headed high. That has always been my goal. So I had high goals and always tried to achieve them. The way it works is that the higher you aim, the higher you get. As the quote says: “Point to the moon! Even if you fail, you will end up among the stars.” And so I aimed high.

I started playing with the idea of ​​creating a website. I was interested in affiliate marketing and I read a lot of articles about how people make money. Although you have to build sites, take care of them a little, but it’s also passive income. So you make money even when you are not doing anything. Pecka! And I focused on travel and last minute sites. Dude!! And it worked. I made my first page about tours to Turkey. She earned me $ 200 a year. That was my test site while I was in college. It is not much to live on. But what if I devised a system to do more of such sites? How about 100 such sites? About every destination, every beach, huh? So yeah!! 🙂 I worked like a horse all year. I was learning how to make websites, doing everything myself, finding out about SEO marketing. He was going to the summer season.

And then?… I had 150 sites a year! And earnings? Over $ 34,000. In 2 months!!! Dude!!! I was at school and made absolutely brutal money. While my classmates went to the bakery for a part-time job, I was elsewhere. Just by thinking completely differently and focusing on passive income.
But… 🙂 The next year Google changed algorithms and because I did not have a strong base of the web, so all sites fell from search. During one night. In one night, everything was over and I never managed to roll back. It was a great experience !! Affiliate is great, but you are dependent on the company whose product you sell. And you also depend on many factors about the placement of your site. And whenever it can all fall. Not to mention that my site hacked about 3 times 🙂

So it didn’t work out there. What’s next?

I got an offer from a friend to join a multilevel marketing team. I did not know the word, let alone what it is 🙂 But I went to training, listening, thinking. And he tried it! Not much at first. But in a year I managed to get high in multilevel marketing. I was among TOP sellers and I had my big team under me. My first payout was about $ 150 🙂 And my cost was about $ 1000 🙂 So it was really hard to survive. But I endured. In a month it was more. Then $ 2000. And in a year I had a monthly income of about $ 7,000. And for the next year, even $ 14,000. Per month! That was very nice. I could work less and less and everything worked. Just passive income, when you get money even if you are not working right now.

Until the company I worked for changed policy. It withdrew from the market because shareholders had different goals and closed everything within 3 months. So the end of everything. End of team. My work has been useless for several years. Passive income is over. Yeah, multilevel is fine, but you have to realize that you’re working for someone, building your own business, but still for someone. Wear months and years and no one will ever guarantee that the company will not end in a month. Because you have passive income, but you’re still under someone else. And they can be friends and people at first glance, but that can change in a few days and weeks. And all of a sudden, all of a sudden can end. And you won’t do anything about it.

Now, after 15 years, I know exactly what makes sense and where to make money.

After all this experience, I finally found what works and what has a future. I have already found that it makes no sense to devote your time to something that can end tomorrow. I just don’t have the time. I cannot afford to devote my space to something where I cannot believe in further development. Today I have a great wife, a beautiful little daughter and a family I have always wanted. And I need a job that brings me time, freedom and earnings, and of course passive income.

Only the product itself is the WAY !!!
If you want to succeed today, sell your own product !! I advise you! Let me explain why:

NEVER take it from you! – Just do it once and it’s yours! And you can build on it for the future.
It can be sold anywhere in the world. In any form! And people want it today, more than ever.
It’s passive income. You do. You will earn and bring you money for the next months and years.
It has never been easier to do it than TODAY! Internet and social networks will help you a lot. Actually, it’s the easiest and cheapest marketing.
You build your own brand. It works simply – you do it well – people will appreciate it. You’re doing it wrong – people scold it. It’s fair! You have to do it well to build a name. And somebody can dirty, criticize, but never take it away! And in a few years, you may find that thanks to your brand people want to buy an empty piece of paper just because it is from you!

What am I doing today and how much do I earn?

After all this experience, I found out that I had to create my own product. I started doing online courses on how to find a job. And it worked. But it was nothing extra. I also lost weight at that time and became more interested in a healthier lifestyle. At that time, I had no idea where it would take me. I started writing a blog about weight loss. About what I eat, how I lose weight, how I exercise. And people became interested. So I created a course where I shared my experience. And it worked! But people started asking me if I was going to get a book. So I wondered if I could write a book at all. If I can. So I started writing down my experience and published it as an ebook. Then people asked me if there would be a printed book. So I printed my ebook. And then it happened! Interest in my book was caught by the subject of the branch of Industry of the Branch !!! I couldn’t send the books.

I sold 3,000 books in 1 month. And that was a lot! That was 4 years ago. That was when a huge avalanche of my books broke down. More and more people wanted them because the information in them helped them lose weight and felt better. After the first book on weight loss, I published a cookbook with simple recipes. Then I released another cookbook and another and another. And more! 🙂 Today I have published 7 books. They sold 750,000. I can’t believe the number myself. But you have to know that I live in a small country in Central Europe. In the Czech Republic. We are really a mini country with only 10 million inhabitants. Maybe you know Jarda Jagr from hockey or Dominik Hasek, Petra Kvitova or Honza Cech from football. Maybe you also know our great beer, because we drink it the most in the world 🙂 And you already know the story of how I got to our books. And in this little country, I sold 750,000 books in less than 5 years. This means that 7.5% of all our inhabitants have my book of the house. Every woman knows her.

Without writing any book before.
No experience with books.
Without being educated on what I do.
Without having a large database of clients at the beginning, as it advises everywhere.
Without having contacts or someone to help me.

My first investment was $ 500 and I just started selling the course and books to completely unknown customers.

And it works!

In less than 5 years, I sold books for $ 10 million. I created a passive income that brings me regular earnings. And last month, for example, I was in the mountains all month, skiing, being with my family. I did nothing at all and I received the biggest money ever.

Today they want to buy my brand for crazy money. But I don’t want to. I have my brand and I enjoy building it. And it also brought me a dream job and very decent earnings. And work from home.

I have found that I am not exceptional and anyone can do it

What I did is damn fine, but I can say that the procedure wasn’t complicated. Anyone can handle it. Just know how. I learned and tested those predecessors for 15 years. I learned a lot of things, but I also found out what makes no sense at all. And I know where you can throw away money and kill time. Things that are written but do not work.

I know how to do it and I can teach you!

You can also build a passive income. Start a business from home. And build your brand. I decided to pass on the information. Because I know a lot of people want to do business online, but I also see that a lot of them are catching up for the wrong end. It is enough to know important facts and know the procedure.

I decided to create the whole guide of my journey. It will not be free or discounted. I want to pass on my experience to those who really want and will be successful. And not those looking for free tutorials because they don’t work anyway. My entire tutorial will be in the form of an ebook and will cost $ 89.

What I have prepared for you, because you will need it:

Case study of my business – How To Be Successful in ONLINE BUSINESS

Which area to focus on:
I know where the money is and in which area to do business. I also know what people want and what they will tear your hands for. I’ll give you an overview of which products make sense to build because people are interested in them.

How to make people want your product:
What makes people make decisions. What they want to hear. What not to say. And how to do that they like you and your product. And they wanted other products too.

How to build a functioning system:
I’ll show you exactly how I set up the system. What my sales page looks like. What you will find and what you will not. Let me show you examples and my experience over the years.

How to create a sales system on Facebook:
How to create an ad you need to include. I’ll show you my ads that are working and those that are useless and have turned them off. How to implement everything so that everyone understands it.

I will give you everything I have learned over the past 15 years, often sitting at the computer all night, trying, testing and learning. Just what really works! Because I read thousands of different instructions on miraculous riches and 99.9% of them were completely useless. Absolutely useless.

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